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I updated my blog header, using My Digital Studio to create the banner. I don’t think I like it though. Hmm. Check it out up there ^^^

If you’re reading this from Google Reader or email, you’ll probably have to click through to see it.


January 18, 2011 at 5:59 pm 3 comments

Project 52?

I saw on another blog a posting about a “Project 52”. Basically, you create something, or take a photo, every week for a year to post.

A year is a reaaaaaallllyyyy long time. People get busy. I have NO IDEA if I’ll be able to stick with this for a year, but with all best intentions, let’s pretend for now that I will. I’m going to try to post something once a week, above and beyond my normal schtick. I really should make the 52 projects for this scrapbook pages, since I’m sooooo far behind on my scrapbooking, but I reserve the right to change my mind on that 🙂

So with that said, here’s my first installment of Project 52. A scrapbook page 🙂 from my trip to SE Asia in Spring of 2009. It was an *amazing* once in a lifetime trip. We went to Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. We also had the “pleasure” of a really long layover in Doha, Qatar, UAE.

This was made in My Digital Studio using all Stampin’ Up elements. I also used a template from MyDigitalStudio.net Sketch Challenge #13 to get the creative juices flowing!

I’ve added “Project 52” as a category that will show in my sidebar, so that you can follow along, should you like to. You can also subscribe to my blog over there as well by putting your email address in. Or, for you Google Reader fans (I looooove Google Reader) you can also subscribe to this blog there too.

January 12, 2011 at 11:01 pm 1 comment

2011 Calendar

For the past four or five years, I’ve made a small 4×6 calendar for my desk at work. Last year was the first year I used My Digital Studio to make one, so I did the same this year. It came our much better this year since I’ve had more practice with the software.

I’m not going post all 12 months, but here are some of my favorites. All photography is my own.

All digital elements are by Stampin’ Up.

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Welcome home baby!

This little card is for a special baby boy that finally came home today to be with his mama and papa after being born last week.

Who says Christmas paper can only be used for Christmas? I suppose this could also pass for a cute Valentine card too!

All Supplies Stampin’ Up unless otherwise noted:
Stamps – Love Bandit
Colors – Baja Breeze, Real Red
Paper – Candy Cane Christmas Specialty paper
Accessories –  Read Red satin ribbon, Brights collection designer buttons, Playground designer buttons, Scallop border punch

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A beginner’s attempt at bread baking…

I’ve never baked bread before. Well, real bread anyway. You know, the kind you have to use yeast for, and let rise, and all that fun stuff. I’ve been intimidated by something that required so much…WORK.

One of my new year’s resolutions is to try and add some new things to my (not-so) culinary arsenal. When I got my Food Network magazine this week (via my Nook Color – that will be another posting in itself soon), Ellie Kreiger had a whole wheat cinnamon bread recipe that sounded interesting. But can I do all that work? Work with yeast? And all that rising? Hmm.

I have to say, I didn’t do half bad. I did learn the best place to allow bread dough to rise is our downstairs powder room. Since that room is tiny, it’s always about 5-10 degrees warmer than the kitchen.

I used more cinnamon, raisins, and brown sugar than the recipe called for….but YUM. Just for fun, I made up some vanilla icing (simple mix of powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk) to put on top.

Even though it was a long process, I will definitely baking more bread in my future! Any suggestions for recipes?

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Happy New Year!

Let’s start this New Year off right…with some sweets!

I’ve been stalking Bakerella’s blog for about a year and a half since I was introduced to it by my college roommate. What attracted me to her blog first was her food photography (I love taking pics of food, much to the dismay of my Facebook friends). I never thought I’d actually try to MAKE something from her blog!

Fast forward to December 2010…my office was having a cookie party, and I wanted to make something OTHER than cookies. I mean, how many different variations of chocolate chip cookies does one office need? I had purchased Bakerella’s book a couple months prior (again, for the food porn photos!), and decided to be daring and actually MAKE something from it. Since it was my first try at anything Bakerella, I went with the basic cake ball recipe.

Lessons learned – FOLLOW the directions! I made some decisions on my own that did not enhance the final product. For one, I put waaaay too much frosting into the cake crumbs. I did use 3/4 of the container of frosting as Bakerella recommended, however, I didn’t take into account the inherent moistness of the cake. Oops! What I ended up with, I called Red Velvet Cake truffles. A fancy sounding name for “Oops, I messed this recipe up!” I also froze the cake balls before dipping them, which by the way is a big no no, since the coating was hardening near immediately, which made it crack and get lumpy. Oopsies!

Overall though I think they turned out fabulously, and everyone at work loved them and asked for the recipe. I pointed all of them over to Bakerella’s site and hopefully she got some book/blog business from them.

In the near future I’ll post about my second attempt – the Basic Cake Pops. Much more success the second time around! Stay tuned 🙂

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A New Year awaits!

2011: It’s a-coming.

This year has flown by for me. Although, I’m really not sure why!

There may be some changes for the new year for my blog. For one, I’m going to really try to make a concerted effort to post more. But, as I dabble in other things (crafty and non-crafty alike), not all posts will relate to stamping and such. I’d really like to include more baking/cooking/crochet/sewing/photography among other things! I hope you stick it out with me! 🙂  I truly appreciate all my readers!

My Christmas card this year was a Christmas/New Year combo. I love the Northern Flurry Embossing folder. I sponged Craft white ink over the impressions to make them stand out.

All Supplies Stampin’ Up unless otherwise noted:
Stamps – Four The Holidays
Colors – Baja Breeze, Real Red, Craft White
Paper – Confetti White Cardstock
Accessories –  Stamp-a-majig, Northern Flurry Embossing folder

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