Happy New Year!

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Let’s start this New Year off right…with some sweets!

I’ve been stalking Bakerella’s blog for about a year and a half since I was introduced to it by my college roommate. What attracted me to her blog first was her food photography (I love taking pics of food, much to the dismay of my Facebook friends). I never thought I’d actually try to MAKE something from her blog!

Fast forward to December 2010…my office was having a cookie party, and I wanted to make something OTHER than cookies. I mean, how many different variations of chocolate chip cookies does one office need? I had purchased Bakerella’s book a couple months prior (again, for the food porn photos!), and decided to be daring and actually MAKE something from it. Since it was my first try at anything Bakerella, I went with the basic cake ball recipe.

Lessons learned – FOLLOW the directions! I made some decisions on my own that did not enhance the final product. For one, I put waaaay too much frosting into the cake crumbs. I did use 3/4 of the container of frosting as Bakerella recommended, however, I didn’t take into account the inherent moistness of the cake. Oops! What I ended up with, I called Red Velvet Cake truffles. A fancy sounding name for “Oops, I messed this recipe up!” I also froze the cake balls before dipping them, which by the way is a big no no, since the coating was hardening near immediately, which made it crack and get lumpy. Oopsies!

Overall though I think they turned out fabulously, and everyone at work loved them and asked for the recipe. I pointed all of them over to Bakerella’s site and hopefully she got some book/blog business from them.

In the near future I’ll post about my second attempt – the Basic Cake Pops. Much more success the second time around! Stay tuned 🙂


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