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Just in time…

Just in time for the cooler temperatures coming… I whipped up this scarf! There is no temperature control in my office at work – it’s either sweating hot or freezing cold. In the fall/winter, it’s almost always the latter. To help keep warm I made this scaft from Red Heart Yarn in Aran Fleck. It is soooo toasty warm! And did I mention, I even added little pockets to the bottom to put my hands in to keep them warm too! Since the pattern is a bit open, I can even fit my fingers through the stitches to operate my computer mouse! 🙂

This Surreybelle Scarf pattern came from Sarah Cooper on Ravelry. (I’m pretty sure you need to register to be able to see that link)
Her instructions were simple and easy to understand, which was perfect for me since I still consider myself a novice when it comes to crochet. The whole thing worked up VERY fast. I worked on it a few hours at a clip and still got in done in little over a week. Once I become a faster crocheter, I’m sure this would could be done in no time flat.

The Pockets!


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What I’ve been up to…

I’ve had several crafty projects in the works for the past few months. Now that I’ve given the recipient hers at her baby shower, I can post them here!

First up is a car seat blanket I made using granny squares. I call this a car seat blanket because it’s just the right size not to drag the ground when covering up the baby while in the seat. It works out well for strollers too! I used Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart baby yarns, and I love how it turned out!

Detail of the stitches:

Next up is a little hat with ears. This project taught me to be sure to check my guage. I didn’t with my first attempt and it came out waaaaaay too small…so here’s round 2. I found the pattern on Ravelry by Squishy Chocolate. Her instructions were so clear and concise…it made it an easy project!

I have a couple more projects in the works… I’ll be posting them soon, promise! 🙂

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