Some fun technological issues…

July 11, 2010 at 4:17 pm Leave a comment

Some fun technological issues have kept me from my poor little neglected blog here.

It started out with getting a nasty virus/malware on my laptop, which, I was able to fix myself, but that made me decide to finally break down and get a new PC. I’ve been shopping around forever for one. I finally found one I liked and got it – a beautiful Dell 17 inch laptop with a superfast processor, lots of RAM, and a ginormous harddrive, which I’m sure I’ll have plenty full in no time.

That was all fine and dandy, until after having it a few days, it started dropping my wireless connection. I replaced my router, and no dice. Still had issues. Spent 3 hours on the phone between Dell and Cisco, and got no where fast. Cisco thought I had a bad network adapter, and Dell seems to think I need a new harddrive and OS reinstall. So, I’m letting Dell dispatch a tech to me.

In the meantime (I’m not a very patient person in case you haven’t been able to figure that out thus far), I did a little research on my own online. I disabled an IPv6 setting, and that seemed to work, oh, for about 12 hours. I went back and did MORE research, and come to find out, when you install iTunes, Apple downloads a service called “Bonjour”. It’s supposed to recognize network printers – or something. I dunno. ANYWAY, this Bonjour services apparently hoses up your connectivity in Windows 7. Conincidentally enough, I started seeing the issues after I installed iTunes. Sooo, I disabled the Bonjour Service. So far, so good. I’ll have to see what the long term brings.

In the meantime, when the tech from Dell calls me, I’ll explain the deal to him and save him a trip…I HOPE!!

Hopefully this little bit of info helps any of you experiencing the same problem I had. From what I read online, it’s pretty common!

Now maybe I can get back to doing some crafty things! 🙂


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